World Vape Day is a celebration of our choice to make the switch to a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle.

In celebrating our choice, we seek to raise awareness about the significant health, social, and economic benefits of e-cigarettes/vapor products for people who smoke.

First celebrated in 2012, World Vape Day has been held on various days and with varying levels of community engagement. This year, World Vape Day has finally found a permanent home on our calendars: May 30th.

World Vape Day falls on the day before the WHO’s World No Tobacco Day (May 31). We all recognize the enormous health costs (measured in lives lost prematurely and serious disease and illness) caused by smoking. However, World No Tobacco Day has increasingly focused not on smoking–the most dangerous form of nicotine consumption–but, rather, on demonising low-risk alternatives to smoking. WHO embraces harm reduction in a wide variety of arenas, but refuses to acknowledge the concept of harm reduction in connection with tobacco (THR) in spite of the fact that the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control specifically defines “tobacco control” so as to include harm reduction strategies.

With a few rare exceptions, the tobacco control movement has become less about genuine public health and more about coercion, oppression, and suppression. It is not a battle to help people improve their lives, but, rather, a war on the tobacco companies . . . and we, the consumers, are the casualties of that war.

Join vapers and tobacco harm reduction advocates around the globe on World Vape Day as we share our success stories and information about vaping as an effective and enjoyable way to kick the smoking habit.